The average cost of a new homes is $2700.00 US.

One hundred percent of all donations to Homes for Haiti are spent in Haiti to build homes.

Sixty to seventy percent of the funds spent recirculate within the local economy stimulating local trade.

Bricks are fashioned one by one.

Unemployment in Haiti remains well  above eighty percent.  Most live off of a couple of dollars a day.

Homes for Haiti employs Haitians to build the homes, providing a living wage.

Each home provides not only lasting shelter for a family, but builds community and invests in infrastructure.

The homes we replace all have dirt floors and mud walls.  When a hard rain falls, these children used to get wet.

Every home we build has a new concrete floor, cinder-block walls, and a metal roof.

Some homes are in such bad shape they can only be replaced. 

Ten Haitians once lived in this shack.

The entry door measures less than five feet tall.

Today it is empty.

Many of the homes we construct have already been started by the families.  With no viable place to borrow money,  Haitians often begin building their own homes with whatever extra funds they have available.  Many of these projects have stalled due to the struggling economy.  This one stood unfinished for five years.  The family of seven were forced to live in the small grass hut visible in the distance.  Homes for Haiti completed the job.

This is the finished home.  And tonight, five children sleep warm and dry under its roof.

Many of the old homes have  walls comprised of sticks woven together which are then covered with mud.  The mud does little to repel a hard rain.  Homes for Haiti replaces these walls with cinderblocks and stucco.  We pour a new concrete floor so the families are up off the ground.  A dry family is a more healthy family.